Catalysing Impact with Korn Ferry

February 11, 2022

by Management Dynamics

The Korn Ferry catalogue is an internationally recognised toolset and serves as the backbone for the design process in many of our leadership development modules. Korn Ferry have the most extensive database of executive success profiles in the world, so their assessments and certifications are backed up by data from leaders and teams from small companies to multinational corporations.

The insights we gain from Korn Ferry assessments enable us to create programmes that are tailored to the needs of the client and participants. Dynamic is in our DNA. We shape the structure and content of our programmes based on the profiles, strengths and weaknesses that we gain from using Korn Ferry tools – and other tools when appropriate.

Cookie cutters are only good for biscuits. Your organisation has a unique position and culture and in order to achieve the best results and ensure impactful sustainable success, development programmes must mould themselves around this. Rather than fitting your needs around our programmes, we tailor our programmes to suit the organisation and individual needs.

So, which tools do we use?

We use many different tools and our favourites are the Korn Ferry tools – they are robust, flexible and provide practical insights. We use them to determine initial areas for development as well as assess progress throughout our programmes.

For example, the KF360 is the platinum of 360-degree assessments. When coupled with our expertise not only does this comprehensively determine your current profile, but it also serves to set goals for targeted development. When used at intervals throughout your development journey, it can also determine your progress and allow us to further tailor our modules to suit your needs.

We also frequently use the Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential, to support leaders in their development for more senior leadership roles. We could list the others, but we would be here all day and it does depend on what you are looking for!

Don’t just take our word for it – this is what one of our buyers said about how we use Korn Ferry tools within our programmes

“My first contact with Management Dynamics came about through their close association with Korn Ferry.  I and some of my team had a great experience of interacting with Alison in the accreditation and use of the Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential tool.  That positive experience led to further discussions with MD on the design and delivery of a global Leadership Excellence Program.  Their approach to using the results of the Korn Ferry assessment tool to shape the development content has meant we have a program that is tailored to the very specific needs of our target audience and has created an engaging experience for participants.”

If you’re looking to become certified in the Korn Ferry skillset or are interested in utilising your Korn Ferry feedback to create sustainable success, get in contact at or book a chat with Korn Ferry Master Associate and Management Dynamics Director Alison Grieve.

By Rowan Page

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