Growing with the GROW model

February 18, 2022

by Management Dynamics

The GROW model is one of the most tried and tested frameworks to help coaches and team leaders develop individuals to overcome a specific issue or reach a goal.

It consists of 4 steps, aimed to empower the individual with the knowledge, steps and tools to maximise the most out of coaching sessions. Whilst each step is designed around a series of systematic and targeted questions, the intention of the steps can be summarised as follows:

Step 1: Goal

Designed to get the individual to think about their future and long-term development, individuals should consider what they want to achieve from the discussion, as well as what success would look like to them, and which outcomes need to be focused to deliver exceptional performance.

Step 2: Reality

Designed to help the individual understand their current situation, individuals should consider what strengths they can leverage, what weaknesses need development in order to achieve their goal, and what resources do they access to and control over in order to facilitate their development.

Step 3: Options

Designed to widen the possibilities that the individual may not have been aware of, individuals should consider both what other options are open to them to create exceptional performance, as well as reflecting on the experiences of other people who have had similar issues or work towards the same goal.

Step 4: Wrap up

Designed to empower the individual commit to take action for their own benefit, rather than for the sake of the coach, individuals should reflect on what they know they can now do, how and when they will do it, what support will they need, and whether it will help deliver their goal.

Here at Management Dynamics, we both teach and use the GROW model as well as many other models and frameworks to help individuals reach their potential, and to empower team leaders to be able to elevate their team performance to the highest level. Development is at the heart of our ethos so if this interests you check out our website or get in contact via our social media.

By Rowan Page.

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