Unlocking the organisational power of 360s

January 08, 2024

by Management Dynamics

We all know that for individuals a 360 degree feedback assessment is one of the most powerful tools for receiving high quality feedback and gaining insights about personal strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for development. In many organisations, large numbers of individuals complete these assessments during a year. Sometimes whole cohorts will take the assessments as part of a leadership or development programme.

Unlocking organisational Insights

However, have you thought about what all this data could be telling you about the organisation as a whole? It’s worth taking time to analyse all the data you have gathered. With group data, you will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses across the whole group and see where there may be trends and themes. For example, we recently worked with an organisation where half the group were really strong in Managing Innovation and the other half were really weak. By analysing the aggregated data, you can identify patterns and trends that reveal overarching themes about your workforce.

Strategic decision making

In another example, the vast majority of the group assessed were very strong in Planning and Organising and Optimising Processes. However, their Drives Vision and Purpose was low. Understanding the distribution of skills and competencies enables you to strategically address areas of improvement and capitalise on strengths.

Holistic approach to development

Beyond individual feedback, examining the collective data allows you to take a holistic approach to development. Review your data and you will be able to use the themes and trends to inform your talent development, recruitment, engagement and other organisation development activities. By identifying where the strengths and gaps lie as an organisation, you will be able to introduce targeted intervensions for comprehensive organisational growth.

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